1  Introduction

This section outlines the various weapons which may be used in the mock assassination attempts conducted by Players. It is not exhaustive and Players are encouraged to be imaginative but if you wish to use a weapon which is not explicitly permitted in this section of the rules you must email the Umpire with details and must await confirmation from the Umpire as to whether or not the weapon is permitted before you use it. The reasons for an Umpire refusing to allow a weapon are fourfold. It must not be dangerous, for people or property. It must be fair, a weapon which is seen to be excessively powerful e.g if the victim cannot escape being killed, will not be permitted. It must also be target specific and not affect innocent bystanders. It must not look like a real weapon e.g. anything resembling even vaguely a real gun will not be permitted. It also must tangibly do something to the other Player make them aware they have been killed. All non-obvious assassin weapons must be labelled appropriately. Kills with weapons are made by a hit to the torso – do not aim for another Players head/face.

2  Ranged Weapons

The only ranged weapons permitted are water guns, ranging from tiny water pistols up to supersoakers. All other ranged weapons are banned specifically including: nerf guns, rubber band launchers, bb guns etc. This is part of our agreement with Warwick Security and any Player contravening this rule will be subject to any disciplinary measures they see fit to impose.
To make a kill with a water pistol the main jet of water must hit the torso of the target; splash does not count as a kill. Please use the weapons responsibly, do not drench your target, nor aim for a backpack as this is likely to be containing work.
Loaded water weapons may be used to make a ‘bang-kill’. To do this you must be within touching distance of the target and have an indisputably clear and unmissable shot at the target. The kill is made by loudly saying ‘Bang’ instead of firing the weapon. Note that bang kills may be made in areas in which water weapons may not actually be fired.
Water weapons may not be used in any indoor areas with the exception of for making ‘bang-kills’. Do not fill these weapons with liquids other than water, especially not ones which dry sticky, or are coloured and may stain clothing.

3  Melee Weapons

Fake knives, clubs, coshes, swords, axes etc may be used. These can be inflatable, plastic, made from cardboard or newspapers. They may not be thrown and any-non-obvious weapons must be appropriately labelled e.g. a cardboard cut out in the shape of a knife must be labelled ‘Knife’. Do not use any metal objects as weapons. Rolled up newspapers used as clubs must be sellotaped so the shape is permanent and labelled clearly. LARPs weapons may be used. Again, kills are made by a blow to the torso, not the head of the target.

4  Other Weapons

4.1  Attack Animals

Soft toys or other appropriate toys may be used as attack animals. They must be clearly labelled as ‘poisonous spider’ or ‘killer rabbit’ or anything else appropriate. These may be thrown towards the target, but in the event of a miss, the target may not touch the animal - as it is loyal to its master if the target touches the animal it will attack, and kill, that Player.

4.2  Grenades

Bags of confetti, water bombs, etc may be used as grenades, if they strike the target then it does not matter of they explode, the Player is killed. If they miss, there must be an appreciable splash over the Player in the explosion for the kill to count. The usual area restrictions on water weapons apply to water bombs, especially do not use them indoors.

4.3  Boulders

A large object such as a beach ball, mass of polystyrene, or empty cardboard box labelled appropriately as ‘boulder’ ‘anvil’ ‘safe’ etc may be dropped onto a target for a kill. Footballs may be labelled and rolled, not kicked, at a target to make a kill. These objects may be set up as traps for unsuspecting Players.

5  Banned Weapons

None of the following are permitted in any form: